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Trypilska power station (Трипільська ТЭС, Трипольская ТЭС) is an 1,825-megawatt (MW) (1,200 MW coal-fired, 600 MW gas-fired) power plant in Kyiv oblast, Ukraine.


The map below shows the location of the plant in Ukrainka, Obukhiv, Kyiv oblast, Ukraine.

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Background on Plant

Trypilska power station is a six-unit power plant with a total capacity of 1,800 MW. Units 1-4 burn coal for fuel. The plant was completed between 1969 and 1972, and is owned by Energy Company of Ukraine.[1][2]

As of 2021 units 5 and 6 appear to have been fully converted to burn natural gas and fuel oil. The capacity of Unit 2 had been increased to 325 MW.[3][4][5]

Fuel supply

The main fuel for the plant has been Donetsk anthracite coal supplied via railway. The backup "backlighting" fuel is gas and fuel-oil.[1]

In late 2021, due to unavailability of coal supplies, the Trypsilska power station was forced to run exclusively on natural gas.[6] In addition, in April 2021, the power station announced plans to convert Unit 1 to run on grade G and DG coal, which was mined in Ukraine, rather than anthracite coal, which was mined in the occupied region of Ukraine.[7]

War in Ukraine

In February 2022, there was an explosion at the power station. It was caused by a missile that hit a coal warehouse. The equipment and facilities of the station were not damaged. According to the press service of Ukrenergo, in February 2022 the power plant was still operating, a high-voltage power line was damaged next to it, but the transmission of electricity continued.[8] In March 2022, it was reported that there was continued shelling of the station by Russian troops, the extent of the damage or operating status at this point was not clear.[9]

Plant Details

  • Sponsor: Centrenergo
  • Parent company: Energy Company of Ukraine
  • Location: Ukrainka, Obukhiv, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine
  • Coordinates: 50.133377, 30.74667 (exact)
  • Gross capacity (operating): 1,800 MW
    • Unit 1: 300 MW (coal-fired)
    • Unit 2: 325 MW (coal-fired)
    • Units 3-4: 300 MW (coal-fired)
    • Unit 5: Natural gas and fuel oil-fired[3][4][5] steam turbine[10] with CHP[10], 300 MW[10] (start-up in 1971)[3]
    • Unit 6: Natural gas and fuel oil-fired[3][4][5] steam turbine[10] with CHP[10], 300 MW[10] (start-up in 1972)[3]
  • Type: Subcritical
  • In service: 1969-1972
  • Coal type: Anthracite
  • Coal source: Domestic
  • Source of financing:

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