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Zeelink Gas Pipeline is a gas pipeline currently under construction in Germany.[1]


The pipeline will run between Legden (Münsterland area) and Stolberg (Aachen area) in Germany.[2][3]

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Pipeline Details

  • Owner: Open Grid Europe GmbH (75%), Thyssengas GmbH (25%)[1]
  • Capacity: 26,400,000 m³ per day (9.64 bcm/year)[4]
  • Length: 227 km / 141 miles[1]
  • Diameter: 39 inches
  • Status: Construction complete[4]
  • Cost: $841,330,000[1]
  • Start Year: 2021[4]


The ZEELINK gas pipeline is part of Germany's Gas 2015 network development plan (NEP Gas 2015) and ensures Germany's conversion from L- to H-gas. The pipeline is comprised of several sections, including the: Lichtenbusch to Eschweiler Röhe, Eschweiler-Röhe to Hochneukirch station, Hochneukirch station to Sankt Hubert station, and the Sankt Hubert station to Dämmerwald station pipelines.[5] The pipeline is designed to connect consumers in north-west Germany directly to the Zeebrugge LNG Terminal via the Belgian grid.[6] The total cost of the pipeline will be €660 million.[7]

According to the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) Ten Year Network Development Plan the expected date of commissioning is 2023. Its project code is TRA-F-329. [1]

In November 2020, Open Grid Europe announced that it had completed the Zeelink gas pipeline and will be testing it in November. It is now expected to begin operations as soon as March 2021.[4]

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