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Andrew Powell is the Queensland Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection.

Climate science scepticism

Speaking at a media conference in June 2012 Powell was questioned about his views on climate science. The Courier Mail reported that "that he believed the climate was warming and humans needed to stop polluting and reduce their reliance on non-renewable energy sources. But he said he was sceptical' human activity was to blame for all the changes.[1]

"I think I represent a view that is fairly consistent across a certain percentage of the population, that until I'm 100 per cent convinced I'm always going to be a bit sceptical," he said.[1]


(born 15 May 1973) is an Australian politician. He was first elected for the seat of Glass House to the Queensland Parliament for the Liberal National Party of Queensland at the 2009 Queensland election.

Powell was born in Melbourne, Victoria, but moved to Sydney while in primary school and later to Queensland. He received a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Queensland in 1995, and a Certificate III in Public Administration from the Department of Defence in 1996. He became a public servant with the Commonwealth Department of Defence (1996–2000) before spending a year as a short term missionary in Fiji and New Zealand. When he returned he re-entered the public service in the Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet (2001–04) and then Child Safety (2005–09). In the 2009 Queensland state election, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Queensland for the seat of Glass House, representing the Liberal National Party.[2]

After retaining his seat with an increased majority at the 2012 Queensland state election, Powell was sworn in as Minister for the Environment and Heritage Protection in the Newman Ministry on 3 April 2012.[3]

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