Northern Territory and coal

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There are no operating coal mines[1] or coal-fired power stations in the Northern Territory.

Coal prospects

In June 2011 Central Petroleum claimed that it had discovered a coalfield approximately 300 kilometres from Alice Springs. The company claimed that the coal seam stretches across 400 kilometres. The company states that it has signed an agreement with Allied Resource Partners (ARP) with the aim of developing an underground coal gasification project. The company states that it is seeking $300 million from investors to fund further exploration and a feasibility study on the project.[2]

Jimmy Cocking from the Arid Land Environment Centre told ABC News is concerned about the project. "They are very keen to distance themselves from the coal seam gas industry in saying it is very different," he said, but "there are still inherent risks associated with it." The project, he said, would involve "pumping chemicals into the ground and pumping them up, so we have got big concerns about it." Nor was he persuaded that Carbon Capture and Storage would be effective.[2]

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