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Angarskaya Gas Pipeline (Russian: Подземное хранилище газа (ПХГ) Ангарская площадь) is a proposed gas pipeline in Russia.[1]


The pipeline is proposed to run from gas fields in Krasnoyarsk Krai (likely, Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoye Oil and Gas Field (Russia) (Russian: Юрубчено-Тохомское месторождение) to Angarskaya underground gas storage facility (Russian: Подземное хранилище газа (ПХГ) Ангарская площадь)[2], near Zalari (Russian: Залари).

The route appears on a 2020 Gazprom natural gas network development map[1] and appears to connect to the Kovykta-Sayansk-Irkutsk Gas Pipeline and Power of Siberia 2 Gas Pipeline.

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As part of its Unified Gas Supply System[3], Gazprom has released a map that includes pipelines that connect to existing underground gas storage facilities in central Russia.[1] As of July 2023, there have not been any updates about the project. The pipeline is still marked as "prospective/under construction" on the map included in the Gazprom's 2022 Annual Report.[4]

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