BHP Billiton's $500 million spent on 'low emissions technology research, development and deployment' since 2007

From Global Energy Monitor

In a March 2015 speech at the Grattan Institute, Fiona Wild, the Vice-President of Environment & Climate Change at BHP Billiton stated that "since 2007 we’ve spent almost half-a-billion dollars on low emissions technology research, development and deployment across a number of projects ranging in complexity and scale."[1]

Wild only mentioned two projects. These were a methane capture project it had undertaken at one of its underground coal mines in the Illawarra in New South Wales and collaboration with CO2CRC which is researching Carbon Capture and Storage. No details on how much BHP Billiton had contributed to these projects was mentioned.

What projects were in the $500 million list and how much did BHP Billiton contribute

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