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Beringovsky coal terminal is at the Beringovsky Port on the Bering Sea, in the Anadyrsky District of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia.


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In June 2014 Tigers Realm Coal (TIG) completed acquisition of the Beringovsky Port and Coal Terminal, located 35km to the north east of the Amaam North Project F coal mine, which began operations in 2017.

The Beringovsky Port has historically handled over 700 thousand tonnes of coal per year from the nearby Nagornaya mine. TIG planned to refurbish the terminal to at least 1 million tonne per annum (mtpa) capacity.[1]

In 2018-2019, TIG and its subsidiaries Beringpromugol and Port Ugolny produced 576 thousand tons of coal and shipped 393 thousand tons (214 for coking and 179 for power generation) to the Asia-Pacific region.[2]

As of November 2021, the TIG website stated that the Beringovsky Port is operating with 700,000 tonnes per year of capacity, and that TIG still planned to expand capacity up to 1 mtpa.[3] Other sources from November 2022 indicated that the port will undergo refurbishment and expansion with target capacity of 2 mtpa.[4][5] This is consistent with TIG's plan to increase the capacity of the mine to 2Mtpa.[6] It is planned to build an approach channel, utility networks, install modern navigation equipment and security systems as well as build three new berths, work was expected to begin in 2023 and last 4 years.[5]

In its 2022 Annual report, TIG reported that Amaam North Project F coal mine achieved production of 1.5 million tonnes, of which 796 thousand tonnes were delivered to Beringovsky caol terminal (in 2021 - 804 thousand tonnes).[6] In its corporate presentation dated August 2023, TIG stated that the 2022 throughput capacity was 1Mt with four 500t barges, while the 5th 500t barge started operations in July 2023.[7]

Project Details

  • Owner: Port Ugolny LLC[4][6]
  • Parent: Tigers Realm Coal Limited (TIG)
  • Location: Anadyrsky District, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia
  • Capacity: 1 million tonnes per annum[7]
  • Status: Operating
  • Type: Exports
  • Source of Coal: Amaam North Project F coal mine
  • Cost of expansion:
  • Financing for expansion:

Project Expansion Details

  • Capacity: 1 million tonnes per annum[4]
  • Status: Proposed
  • Start Year: 2027[5]

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