Beulah Mine

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Beulah Mine is a surface lignite coal mine complex located 75 miles northwest of Bismarck, North Dakota, owned by Westmoreland Coal Company.

The mine supplies the Heskett Station, a power plant expected to close in 2021.


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Mine Data

  • MSHA ID: 3200043
  • Owner: Westmoreland Beulah Mining LLC
  • Parent company: Westmoreland Coal Company
  • Location: Beulah, North Dakota
  • GPS coordinates: 47.193353, -101.815601
  • Production: 414,006 tons (2019)
  • Type of coal: Lignite
  • Mine type: Surface
  • Equipment: Draglines
  • Number of employees: 157
  • Coal Reserves: 47,000,000 tons


The Beulah Mine produced approximately 3.0 million tons of lignite annually from three active pits around 2009.[1]

According to the EIA 2019 the Beulah Mine only supplied 414,006 tons of lignite in 2019.

Coal Deliveries

Lignite from this operation supplied the adjacent 427 MW Coyote Station, a base-load generation facility that purchased all of its lignite from the Beulah Mine. Dakota Westmoreland also owns and controls a four-mile rail spur that connects the mine and plant to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad’s Stanton line, which it uses to supply the two-unit 75 MW Heskett Station, located 74 miles away.[1]

According to the EIA 2019 fuel receipt database the Beulah mine does not longer supply lignite to the Coyote Station but only to the Heskett Station. [2] The loss of Coyote Station as a customer and the scheduled closure of Heskett Station in 2021 could leave the mine without any customers forcing the mine to close. Coyote Station is now beëing supplied by the nearby Coyote Creek Mine instead.

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