Bulk Materials Handling Plant

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Bulk Materials Handling Plant was a coal terminal at the Port of Mobile, a deep-water port in Mobile, Alabama. The terminal was replaced by an automobile import facility after years of declining bulk cargo volumes.


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The terminal had an annual coal capacity of 2.7 million short tons (approximately 2.45 metric tonnes),[1] mainly steam coal bound for southeast power generation markets.[2]

The Bulk Materials Handling Plant lost a significant amount of traffic to the much larger McDuffie Coal Terminal, which is also located at the Port of Mobile. In addition, several of the large industrial customers that used the facility in the past have closed. By 2010 the Plant was operating at a US$3 million per year loss.[3] In 2011, the Alabama State Port Authority began seeking private partners to upgrade and renovate the facility.[4]

In 2018, the port announced plans to construct a roll-on, roll-off terminal for automobile imports at the site of the bulk terminal.[5] The new terminal was inaugurated in July 2021.[6]

Project Details

  • Owner: Alabama State Port Authority
  • Location: Port of Mobile, Alabama
  • Capacity (Million metric tonnes per annum): 2.45
  • Status: Retired
  • Start year:



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