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Carborough Downs Coal Mine is an operating coal mine in Moranbah, Queensland, Australia.


Table 1: Project-level location details

Mine Name Location Coordinates (WGS 84)
Carborough Downs Coal Mine Moranbah, Queensland, Australia -21.9502, 148.2094 (exact)

The map below shows the exact location of the coal mine:

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Project Details

Table 2: Project status

Status Status Detail Opening Year Closing Year
Operating[1] 2006[1]

Table 3: Operation details

Note: The asterisk (*) signifies that the value is a GEM estimated figure.
Capacity (Mtpa) Production (Mtpa) Year of Production Mine Type Mining Method Mine Size (km2) Mine Depth (m) Workforce Size
2.823[2] 2022[2] Underground Bord and Pillar[3] 500* 340[4]

Table 4: Coal resources and destination

Total Reserves (Mt) Year of Total Reserves Recorded Total Resources (Mt) Coalfield Coal Type Coal Grade Primary Consumer/ Destination
42.7[1] 2023[1] 284[1] Bituminous Thermal & Met[2]

Table 5: Ownership and parent company

Owner Parent Company Headquarters
Fitzroy Australia Resources Pty Ltd AMC [50%]I; Riverstone Holdings [50%] USA


Table 6: Project status

* Added capacity of a coal mine refers to the enhancement in the mine's production capabilities beyond its initial production capacity.
Status Status Detail Project Type Project Phase Added Capacity (Mtpa)* Start Year
Proposed Announced Extension[5] 2.5

Note: The above section was automatically generated and is based on data from the GEM April 2024 Global Coal Mine Tracker dataset.


Carborough Downs mine is an underground metallurgical mine in the Bowen Basin of central Queensland, Australia.

The mine is owned by the AMCI Group and Riverstone, and is operated by Fitzroy Australia Resources. Operations at Carborough Downs began in 2006.[6] At the time, AMCI was the owner of Carborough Downs mine. AMCI sold Carborough mine and the Broadlea North mine to Vale in 2008 for around $835 million.[7]

For about 10 years, Vale Australia operated Carborough Downs mine, producing about 2.8 million tonnes of coal per year. They expanded the mine in 2009.[8]

In 2017, AMCI subsidiary Fitzroy Queensland Resources bought 90% interest in the Carborough Downs mine and Broadlea opencut operations for an undisclosed amount.[9] Fitzroy also bought the remaining 10% interest from JFE Steel, JFE Shoji and POSCO-CD.[10]

Vale Australia had been planning to place Carborough Downs into care and maintenance in April 2017. But when Fitzroy Australia acquired the mine, the company planned to extend its life for a further 10 years.[11]

  • Sponsor: Fitzroy Australia Resources[12]
  • Parent Company: AMCI and Riverstone[12]
  • Location: Located in central Queensland in the Bowen Basin, approxim​ately 20 kilometres east of Moranbah and 180 kilometres southwest of Mackay.[13]
  • GPS Coordinates: -21.9502, 148.2094
  • Status: Operating[14]
  • Capacity: 3.5 mtpa[15]
  • Production: 2.4 mtpa (2022)[16]
  • Total Resource: 177 Mt (Measured and Indicated, 2017) [11]
  • Mineable Reserves: 33 Mt (Proven and Probable, 2017)[11] [17]
  • Coal type: hard and semi-hard coking coal with pulverized coal injection (PCI) as a secondary product[13]
  • Mine Size:
  • Mine Type: longwall underground[13]
  • Start Year: 2006[18]
  • Source of Financing: AUS$340 million (US$245 million) debt financing from ANZ, BNP Paribas and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in 2018-19

Expansion plan

An expansion of the mine was first proposed in 2006 with the Carborough Downs Joint Venture planning to increase production from the approved 1.9 million tonnes to annum to 5 million tonnes a year.[19]

The expansion was approved by the Queensland Government in early September 2022. The Minister for Resources, Scott Stewart, said the expansion would extend the life of the mine by 11 years. He said work on the expansion was expected to begin within 12 months. [20]

The 2006 proposal for the mine expansion stated that the original project was based on an estimated resource of 100 million tonnes. The original mining plan estimated a recovery rate of an estimated recovered of 40-50% and a production rate of up to 1.9 Mtpa, giving a projected mine life of approximately 30 years. Subsequent exploration work increased the estimated resource to about 300 million tonnes of in-situ resource. The joint venture estimated that with a similar recovery rate up to 150 million tonnes could be produced.[19]


ANZ, BNP Paribas and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation provided the Carborough Downs Mine with AUS$340 million (US$245 million) in debt between 2018 and 2019 to fund capital expenditure at the mine. [21][22]

Fatality at Carborough Downs

In November 2019, Fitzroy Australia suspended operations at Carborough Downs after a worker died in the mine. According to a Mining Technology article, the victim was hit by coal from the longwall face when working underground.[23]

The company resumed operations about two weeks later.[14]

Articles and Resources

Additional data

To access additional data, including an interactive map of world coal mines, a downloadable dataset, and summary data, please visit the Global Coal Mine Tracker on the Global Energy Monitor website.


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