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Cement Australia manufactures "cements to meet both general and special purpose building requirements. We also supply performance enhancing supplementary cement materials such as high-grade fly ashes and slag."[1]

Cement Australia shareholders are Holcim (75%) and HeidelbergCement subsidiary Hanson (25%).[2]

Cement Australia's coal interests

Cornwall coal

Cement Australia's wholly owned subsidiary, Cornwall Coal, operates the only coal mines in Tasmania. The company states that the company "operates underground and open cut coal mines, and a coal washing and processing plant" and employs "over 70 people".[3]

The estimates for coal production vary. The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics estimated that in 2010 approximately 640,000 tonnes of black coal was mined, of which 620,000 tonnes was saleable coal.[4] Cement Australia state on its website that it produce "in excess of 400,000 tonnes of washed coal each year."[3]. Mineral Resources Tasmania, the government agency with responsibility for the mining and mineral processing industry, states on its website that "production of raw coal in 2008/2009 totalled 484,450 tonnes, with 384,155 tonnes of saleable coal being produced."[5]

Pozzolanic Enterprises

Another subsidiary of Cement Australia is Pozzolanic Enterprises which is described as "the premiere producer of fly ash and associated products in Australia."[6]

Cement Australia states on its website that the company "processes and distributes fine grade fly ash and other ash products from five coal-fired power stations in Queensland – Gladstone, Tarong and Callide. Fly ash is a valuable by-product of coal-fired power generation as it improves concrete performance and provides various opportunities in a wide range of applications. Pozzolanic provides a number of services to power stations including ash handling and ash disposal systems. To support the recycling of ash, Pozzolanic also conducts innovative research into new uses for ash and provides technical support to businesses developing new applications and products containing ash."[6]


Contact details

Level 2, 40 McDougall St,
Milton, Queensland 4064
PO Box 1328, Milton, QLD 4064
Ph: 07 3335 3000
Fax: 07 3335 3227
Website: http://www.cemaust.com.au/

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