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Ch'ŏngjin Ironworks (청진제강소 (Korean), 淸津製鋼所 (Chinese)) is a steel plant in Chongjin, North Kamkyo, North Hamgyeong Province, North Korea.[1][2]


The map below shows the location of the steel plant in Chongjin, North Kamkyo, North Hamgyeong Province, North Korea.

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In 1942, Japan Iron and Manufacturing Company began a plant in Chongjin with 2 500-tonne blast furnaces (BF) (total capacity of 1000 TPD), 2 batteries of 57 coke ovens (total capacity of 1240 TPD), and 2 7-tonne electric arc furnaces (EAF).[3] There was also a direct reduced iron (DRI) plant on site, founded by Mitsubishi Mining Company in 1939.[3]

Steel for weapons development

In March 2020, Daily NK reported that North Korea is aiming to increase its production of steel for weapons development, with the goal of selling these weapons abroad for foreign currency.[4]

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