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Cheryl Edwardes is Executive General Manager- External Affairs, Government Relations and Approvals for Hancock Prospecting, Gina Rinehart's mining and exploration company. A biographical note states that he is responsible for "the Heritage, Native Title, Environmental Approvals, State Agreement and complex access agreements for all of Hancock Prospecting’s projects in Western Australia".[1]


Prior to joining Hancock in 2010 Edwardes was a Special Counsel at Minter Ellison Perth where she "practiced in governmental relations, climate change, environmental regulation and environmental compliance." Prior to joining Minter Ellison, she was the Minister for the Environment in Western Australian between 1997 to 2001 and Attorney General.[1]

Defender of Rinehart

Following criticism of Gina Rinehart's 2010 investments in major media companies Fairfax Media and Network Ten, Edwardes downplayed the motivation of her employer. "If she wants to influence debate she can use her website, so I don't see that as having been the prime mover," she said. She also claimed that Rinehart's media investments were "definitely a business decision".[2]

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