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Chevron Mining Inc. is a subsidiary of Chevron. On its website, Chevron states that Chevron Mining as "currently operates mines in North River, Alabama; McKinley County, New Mexico; and Kemmerer, Wyoming. The company's coal sales in 2008 reached 11.1 million tons."[1]


Chevron Mining was formed in 1997 when the Pittsburg & Midway Mining Co. and Molycorp Inc., both wholly-owned subsidiaries of Chevron, merged.[2]

Coal Interests

On its website, Chevron states that in addition to its North River, McKinley and Kemmerer coal mines it also owns a "50 percent interest in Youngs Creek Mining Company LLC, a joint venture to develop a coal mine in northern Wyoming. The initial feasibility study has been completed, and permits have been submitted. Construction of the mine is scheduled to begin when sufficient coal sales contracts have been secured."[2]

Westmoreland Coal announced in December 2011 that they had agreed to acquire Chevron Mining's (CVX) Kemmerer Mine in the Hams Fork Region of Southwestern Wyoming for $179 million plus with an additional $14 million in working capital. The deal included 118 million tons of coal reserves, enough for 20 years of production.[3]

In July 2012 Youngs Creek Mining company sold Cloud Peak Energy a $300 million parcel of undeveloped land near the Wyoming/Montana border that possessed a permit to extract coal.[4]

Contact Details

Chevron Mining Inc.
116 Inverness Dr.East, Ste. 207
Englewood, Colorado 80112

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