Cigading International Bulk Terminal

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Cigading International Bulk Terminal is located at the Port of Cigading in Banten, Indonesia.

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The port has a coal terminal with capacity of 7.5 million tonnes per annum, commissioned in 2011. The terminal was built by the company Aurecon; originally, the terminal was planned to have a capacity of 4.5 million tonnes per annum, but this was later increased to 7.5 million.[1]

The terminal is operated by the PT Cigading International Bulk Terminal (CIBT) company, which is owned primarily by Sinomas Metacorp (Labuan) Ltd. (95% stake), and was built as a 50-50 joint venture between Metacorp Berhad (Metacorp) and PT Bintang Sinomast Limited.[2]

Project Details

  • Operator: PT Cigading International Bulk Terminal (CIBT), MTD Group of Malaysia[2]
  • Location: Cilegon, Banten, Indonesia
  • Annual Coal Capacity (Tonnes): 7.5 million
  • Status: Operating
  • Type: Exports
  • Coal source: Indonesia

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