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Crusader Coal is an Australian owned company that operates the Terrace mine, a small underground sub-bituminous coal mine located near Reefton on the West Coast of the South Island.[1]

Company numbers:[2]
2464403 Crusader Coal Ltd
3960738 Crusader Coal Operations Ltd

Incorporation dates:[3]
19 May 2010 Crusader Coal Ltd
25 Aug 2012 Crusader Coal Operations Ltd

Number of shares issued: 1125 for each company
The shares are divided between five Australian shareholders.

Gerard Max BEECH (Australia)
Bernard LAMBLEY (Australia)
Quintin RAWIRI (Australia)
Marek Roman ROMANSKI (Australia)

Current Permits[6]
52351 Coal Mining Permit 16 Sep 2010–15 Sep 2020
Location: West Coast 36.2 ha Operation name: Terrace

Additional information
Terrace Mine was owned and operated by Solid Energy until 2009 when it was closed as uneconomic. The mine was sold to Crusader Coal in 2011 and became operational again by January 2013. Company director, Mr Bernard Lambley, said that the first 12 months would be spent mainly on developing new areas underground for coal extraction but that it was hoped to produce 30,000–40,000 tonnes of coal during that phase. In its website, the company states that, “The purchase and operation of the Terrace Mine is the first step in establishing Crusader Coal as a successful West Coast entity.”[7][8]

In June 2013 Mine Project Manager Bernie Lambley announced that it was expected to have the mine in production by August. Full production would involve digging out about 50,000 tonnes annually, increasing to 70,000 tonnes. It was estimated that about 2 million tonnes could be extracted from the 14 m thick seam, giving the mine a 15-year life. The coal is sold to Solid Energy as Crusader doesn’t have the necessary resources for marketing.[9]

New Zealand Registered Offices
Crusader Coal Ltd: 3 Bridge St, Reefton, 7851
Crusader Coal Operations Ltd: Level 2, Ami House, 116 Riccarton Road, Riccarton, Christchurch, 8041


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