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DICEnet, which is also occasionally referred to as the DICE Development Network, is a project closely associated with Ignite Energy Resources (IER) to promote the development and use of coal injected engines. DICEnet's phone number and office address are the same as for the Melbourne office of IER.[1] [2] The domain name for the DICEnet website was registered by Louis Webberley from CSIRO Energy Technology in March 2013.[3]

On its website DICEnet states that that it was formed in March 2013 as "the support group for the development and demonstration of the direct injection carbon engine (DICE) and associated fuel cycle for ultra-high efficiency power generation - from carbon fuels derived from coal and biomass."[1]


On its website DICEnet states that its mission is:[4]

"Supporting the development of DICE as the internationally preferred stationary electricity generation technology, utilising:

  • Development of DICE fuels utilising abundant and low-cost coal reserves and biomass
  • Demonstrating low market entry cost through modularisation and using standard engine technology
  • Demonstrating the CO2 emissions and other environmental credentials of DICE
  • Demonstration of DICE as a complementary generation partner with load variable and distributed renewable energy sources."


On its website DICEnet states that current participants are:[5]

Contact details

DICE Development Network
Level 9, 267 Collins Street
VIC 3000
Phone: +61 (03) 8600 7000
Email: info AT dice-net.org
Website: http://dice-net.org/

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