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Dahej Port is a multi-cargo port on the west coast of India that handles coal and natural gas, among other cargo.


The map below shows the location of the port on the Gulf of Khambhat, Bharuch district, Gujarat state.

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Background on Coal Terminal

Adani Petronet Port Pvt. Ltd, a joint venture between the Adani Group and Petronet Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd, operates the coal import terminal at Dahej, with the capacity to handle 20 million tonnes of coal per annum (mtpa).[1]

Adani Petronet Port Pvt. Ltd began operations at its solid cargo port at Dahej on August 31, 2010, with plans to import coal for local coal-based industries.[2] The company completed the second phase of its new port project in January 2012 with the commissioning of a second jetty, bringing the port's total processing capacity up to 20 million tons per annum.[3] Since December 2011, a 62km railway line built by the Bharuch Dahej Railway Corporation Limited has connected the port with industrial establishments in Dahej as well as industrial customers and power plants in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Western Madhya Pradesh states.

The port provides import and export services for the Indian states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. It is a natural deep water port with two deep draft berths capable of accommodating capesize vessels. The terminal has a fully mechanized conveyor system for receiving imported coal, which can be unloaded at the rate of 4200 tonnes per hour.[1]

As reported in the Economic Times, "Dahej Port handles varied commodities such as coal, silica sand, rock phosphate, steel products, project cargo and machinery items. The coal import terminal at Dahej is equipped with two jetties with a deep draft of 14 metres each, thus enabling berthing of large capesize vessels. Both the jetties are equipped with state of the art Gottwald make Mobile Harbor cranes."[3]

LNG Terminal

India Petronet operates an LNG terminal at the Dahej Port. In February 2021, India Petronet announced that it was expanding the terminal's capacity to 22.5 mtpa from its existing capacity of 17.5 mtpa.[4]

Environmental Impact

In 2011, a container ship headed for Dahej Port sank about 20 kilometers off the coast of South Mumbai. The ship was carrying 290 tonnes of oil, 50 tonnes of diesel and 60,054 tonnes of coal. In 2016, the three companies that owned the ship were fined Rs 1 billion, or about US$15 million. Adani was also fined Rs 50 million (approx. US$750,000).[5]

Project Details of coal terminal

  • Operator: Adani Petronet Port Pvt. Ltd
  • Location: Bharuch district, Gujarat, India
  • Annual Capacity (Tonnes): 20 million
  • Status: Operating
  • Type: Imports
  • Coal source:

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