Dordrecht Terminal

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Dordrecht Terminal is located at the Dordrecht Inland Seaport in the Netherlands, near the Port of Rotterdam.[1]

B.V. Zeehavenbedrijf Dordrecht (ZHD) is headquartered in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, and spans the greater Rotterdam-Rijnmond area with terminals in Dordrecht, Moerdijk, and a floating terminal in Rotterdam.[2] The Dordrecht Terminal appears to handle coal.[3]


The Dordrecht Terminal is located in Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

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Port Authority

In March 2021, the Port of Rotterdam Authority took over all operations at the Dordrecht Inland Seaport, including all wet and dry infrastructure. In a statement, the Port Authority said it was an expansion on an agreement signed with Municipality of Dordrecht in January 2013, which saw it take over the development, operation, and management of the seaport area.[4]

ZHD Stevedores

B.V. Zeehavenbedrijf Dordrecht, also known as ZHD Stevedores or ZHD, invested in additional quay length, storage area, cranes, warehouse capacity, and specific port facilities both in Dordrecht and Moerdijk. ZHD is capable of operating in the entire Rotterdam region and to handle ships of all sizes.[2] In the 1970’s, the stevedoring world in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond area witnessed a tremendous growth. Stevedore refers to the act of loading or offloading cargo to and/or from a ship.[2]

Terminal Dordrecht is described as ZHD's largest terminal, both in tonnage, quay length, and square metres.[5]



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