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Edward (“Eddie”) Moses Obeid (born 25 October 1943), a former Australian politician, was a member of the New South Wales Legislative Council who served between 1991 and 2011, representing the Australian Labor Party. He was the Minister for Fisheries and the Minister for Mineral Resources from 1999–2003. Prior to the March 2015 expiry of his term in the Legislative Council, Obeid announced his decision to retire early on 10 May 2011, citing family reasons.[1]

During his parliamentary career, Obeid was considered by many a powerbroker[2] in the New South Wales Labor Party, belonging to the dominant Labor Unity faction, often referred to as The Terrigals, so named as its inaugural meeting was held at Obeid's beach house in Terrigal, New South Wales.[3] It was reported that Obeid might retire at the New South Wales state election in 2011, prior to the expiry of his term,[4]

[5] however he waited until the election was concluded.[1][6] [7]

Eddie Obied and coal

In 2011 Sydney Morning Herald reporter Kate McClymont reported that in 2008 that less than a year after the Obeid family "purchased a prime cattle-grazing property in the Bylong Valley near Mudgee for $3.65 million, the then minerals minister Ian Macdonald granted a licence to explore for coal in the area surrounding the Obeid's farm. One of the companies Mr Macdonald's department invited to tender for exploration licences was run by Mr Kaidbay and Mr Brook." McClymont reported that a majority of shares in Kaidbay and Brook's company were held by Equitexx, "a nominee company run by the Obeids's long-time accountant Sid Sassine."[8]

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