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Evraz ZSMK steel plant (Металлургический комбинат ЕВРАЗ ЗСМК), also known as the West Siberian Iron & Steel; Kuznetsk Iron & Steel Works (predecessor); NKMK (predecessor), is a 9500 TTPA integrated blast furnace-basic oxygen furnace (BF-BOF) and electric arc furnace (EAF) steel plant operating in Novokuznetsk, Russia.[1] Evraz ZSMK steel plant operates a blast furnace (BF), a basic oxygen furnace (BOF), an electric arc furnace (EAF), a sinter plant, and a coking plant.


The map below shows the location of the plant in Novokuznetsk, Russia.

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Modern EVRAZ ZSMK steel plant consists of two production sites. The Novokuznetsk Iron and Steel Works (also known as Kuznetsk Iron and Steel Works; NKMK) was the first one to be built. The first pig iron was produced here in 1932. In the same year, the open-hearth furnace, blooming and rail and beam mill were put into operation at the plant. In subsequent years, the plant launched steel production in an electric arc furnace. After the collapse of the USSR, the enterprise acquired modern equipment for steel smelting and closed the outdated blast furnaces. The former NKMK currently has an operating electric arc furnace that produces up to 1.5 million tons of steel per year.[2]

The second asset of the company - the West Siberian Iron and Steel Works (also known as ZSMK) - was launched in 1964. The first pig iron was produced here in 1964, and in 1968 a basic oxygen furnace shop was launched. In 1992, the plant was privatized, and in 2002 it became part of the EVRAZ company group. Since 2011, ZSMK plant has been merged with NKMK, but the name EVRAZ ZSMK has been retained for both plants combined. Now ZSMK includes a coking plant, blast-furnace, steel-smelting and rolling production. Steel is smelted in the basic oxygen furnace shops with a total capacity of 8 million tons of steel per year. The blast furnace has a design capacity of about 4.4 million tons of pig iron.[2]

The Evraz ZSMK steel plant is powered by the nearby Zapadno-Sibirskaya power station.

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