Fairless Hills Terminal

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Fairless Hills Terminal is located on the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, United States.


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Project Details

  • Owner: Kinder Morgan Energy Partners
  • Location: Fairless Hills, Pennyslvania
  • Capacity (Million metric tonnes per annum): 1.63
  • Status: Operating
  • Type: Exports


The terminal is owned by Kinder Morgan Energy Partners. The terminal provides facilities for importing and exporting numerous commodities, including coal.[1] As of 2015, the terminal had an annual coal capacity of 1.8 million short tons (approximately 1.63 million metric tonnes).[2]

Sightline Institute reports

An April 2012 report by the environmental think tank Sightline Institute, "The Facts about Kinder Morgan," , lists a series of legal violations and pollution incidents at various Kinder Morgan terminals. The report includes the following:[3]

  • "In Louisiana, Kinder Morgan’s coal export facilities are so dirty that satellite photos clearly show coal dust pollution spewing into the Mississippi River."
  • "In South Carolina, coal dust from Kinder Morgan’s terminal contaminates oysters, pilings, and boats. Locals have even caught the company on video washing coal directly into sensitive waterways."
  • "In Virginia, Kinder Morgan’s coal export terminal is an open sore on the neighborhood, coating nearby homes in dust so frequently that even the mayor is speaking out about the problem."
  • "In Portland, Kinder Morgan officials bribed a ship captain to illegally dump contaminated material at sea, and their operations have repeatedly polluted the Willamette River."
  • "Kinder Morgan has been fined by the US government for stealing coal from customer’s stockpiles, lying to air pollution regulators, illegally mixing hazardous waste into gasoline, and many other crimes."
  • "Kinder Morgan’s pipelines are plagued by leaks and explosions, including two large dangerous spills in residential neighborhoods in British Columbia."

Articles and Resources


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