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The FutureGen Alliance is a non-profit 501(c)(3) comprising 9 major coal and power companies seeking U.S. Department of Energy funding for the construction of the FutureGen demonstration carbon capture and storage power plant at Mattoon, Illinois.

FutureGen Alliance Members

The DOE's private-sector partners on this project are[1]:



Board Members

FutureGen Alliance Lobbyists

The Center for Responsive Politics lists the FutureGen Alliance's lobbyists between 2007[2], 2008[3] and 2009[4] and the reported expenditures as having been:

  • Susan Carver $60,000 (2007), $160,000 (2008), and $40,000 (2009); and
  • Gephardt Group $30,000 (2007), $95,000 (2008), and $20,000 (2009).

FutureGen Alliance PR Advisors

Dittus Communications, which is now known as FD Americas Public Affairs, boasts on its website that FutureGen has been one of its clients.[5]

Contact Details

Website: http://www.futuregenalliance.org/

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