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Coal plants in Guizhou

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Gizhou has reported to have a total output of 118 million tons of coal in. The province measures 176,167 square km. It has a population of 34,746,468 as of 2010 census.[1] The Quizhou province is one of the most important coal production bases in China. There are 8 coal mines located in Guizhou, two of them under production, 5 under construction, 1 under exploration and 7 out of 8 of the mines hold a mining license.[2]

China Guizhou Coal project

Gizhou coal mine accidents

July 2009: Miners trapped for 25 days in flooded mine

Three miners were rescued on July 12, 2009 after spending 25 days trapped in a flooded mine in Guizhou province in southern China. Rescuers burrowed through a collapsed tunnel to reach the miners, who said they had survived by drinking dirty water and eating coal. The flood trapped 16 miners on June 17. Rescuers had previously recovered one body and were still looking for the remaining 12 miners.

October 2010: 12 die from flooding in illegally operated mine

On Oct. 27, 2010, flooding in a Chinese coal mine killed 12 miners in southwestern Guizhou Province. 50 miners were working in the shaft of the mine, the Xinhua news agency said, adding that 38 other miners managed to escape. The flooded Dapo Mine, which has an annual capacity of 90,000 tonnes, was operating illegally when the accident occurred. It had been ordered to suspend its operations on August 20, 2010, but it continued operations and had already caused one worker to die from electrocution on September 2, 2010, Xinhua said, citing a statement from the rescue centre.[3]

April 2011: Eight trapped miners found dead

On April, 27, 2011 Chinese news outlets reported that eight miners that were trapped for about two days in a flooded coal mine in China's southwest Guizhou Province were found dead. The eight were working underground in the Xiao'aozi coal mine in the province's Liupanshui city when they got trapped after water entered the mine. The other 37 miners working with them managed to escape, China's state-run Xinhua news agency reported.[4]

October 2011: Explosion in Chinese coal mine kills at least 17 workers

On October 4, 2011 Chinese media announced that a coal mine explosion killed at least 17 workers, but others were still missing. A cause of the blast was not reported, which occurred in the southwestern province of Guizhou.[5][6]

May 2013: 12 dead in coal mine explosion

It was reported in May 2013 that 12 Chinese miners were killed and two others injured due to an explosion at a coal mine in China’s south-west Guizhou province. [7]

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