Huntly Underground Coal Gasification Pilot Plant

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In April 2012 Solid Energy commissioned its Huntly Underground Coal Gasification Pilot Plant.

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Solid Energy CEO, Don Elder, stated that the company "has access to around 2 billion tonnes of coal in the Huntly Coal Field. Most is too deep to be economic using conventional mining. UCG can potentially allow us to access most of this, which represents 10 times the energy of the Maui gas field."[1] In its 2011 annual report the company stated that in December 2010 it received resource consents to produce synthetic gas for electricity generation. "The UCG pilot will convert up to 30,000 tonnes of coal into syngas and operate for up to two years on private property within our existing Huntly West Coal Mining Licence area. It will provide process, technical and geological information, and verify modelled environmental effects. This information will be used to optimise the design of a commercial operation."[2]

Project Details

Owner: Solid Energy
Location: near Rotongaro, New Zealand
Coordinates: -37.52078,175.072491 (approximate location)
Status: Pilot plant
Production capacity:
Type of coal:
Main markets: test underground coal gasification plant producing syngas

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  2. Solid Energy, "Annual report 2011", Solid Energy, page 28.

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