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The Illinois Coal Association (ICA) describes itself as "the professional trade organization responsible for the promotion of Illinois coal, a natural resource found in great abundance in Illinois. To carry out its mission, the Springfield-based Association represents the coal industry in the state in governmental affairs, in public relations and in related matters."[1]

The non-profit association was founded in 1878, and its member companies make up all of the coal mined in Illinois.[1]

Support for Heartland Institute

In May 2012, DeSmog Blog reported that the Heartland Institute had added the Illinois Coal Association (ICA) as a new "Gold Sponsor" for its 2012 ICCC-7 climate conference. ICA joined following the Heartland's leaked documents and Unabomber billboard campaign. In Heartland's leaked 2012 Fundraising plan, Murray Energy gave $100,000 in 2010 and was expected to give $40,000 in 2012; the company's subsidiary, The American Coal Company, is a member of the ICA.[2]

Phil Gonet, the chief lobbyist for ICA, said of the support for Heartland, "We support the work they are doing and so we thought we would finally make a contribution to the organization ... I made a contribution mainly in support of a conference that is designed to make balanced information available to the public on the issue of global warming ... In general, the message of the Heartland Institute is something the Illinois Coal Association supports."[3]


Membership of the ICA comprises both coal producers as full members and those "with an interest, direct or indirect, in the Illinois coal industry" as indirect members. On its website the ICS states that "annual dues are based on each company's tonnage produced or, in the case of a company not yet producing coal, on a minimum annual assessment."[4]

Members of the ICS, as of May 2012, are:[5]



Contact Information

The Illinois Coal Association
212 South Second Street
Springfield, Illinois 62701
Phone: 217-528-2092
Fax: 217-523-5191

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