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JCOAL CCS Project is a project proposed by the Japan Coal Energy Centre (JCOAL) with the Victorian government. The proposed location is unknown.

In September 2009 the Victorian government announced that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the to research "high-efficiency next-generation power plants, coal gasification, carbon capture and storage (CCS), efficiency improvements for existing coal-fired power stations and coal to liquids."[1]

JCOAL makes no mention of any project in Victoria on its website.

On its website, JCOAL states that its international activities include the training of engineers "from the coal producing developing-countries". It also states that "to promote and disseminate "Clean Coal Technology" in the APEC region, JCOAL is implementing Clean Coal Technology Transfer Projects for the training to engineers from the APEC countries in Japan, related to the coal utilization, the coal quality control and environmental preservation."[2]

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