L&M Energy's Ohai Coal Seam Gas Pilot Project

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L&M Energy's Ohai Coal Seam Gas Pilot Project is a test coal seam gas production well.

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The project has been drilled by L&M Energy (LME), a New Zealand based energy company.[1]

As for early 2012 NZ$3.4 million has been spent on the project.[2] In October 2012 LME reported that at the OM#5 test well "production rates to date are lower than modelled and the latest work‐over programme is aimed at determining the variances between actual and modelled production rates."[3]

Project Details

Owner: L&M Energy
Location: near Ohai, South Island of New Zealand
Coordinates:-45.914855,167.886829 (approximate location)
Status: exploration project
Production capacity:
Type of coal:
Main markets:

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