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The Latrobe Fertiliser Project is a proposal by Latrobe Fertilisers Pty Ltd for a coal to urea export project located near Loy Yang.[1]

Latrobe Fertilisers was a subsidiary of Australian Energy Company Limited project until, as a result of a demerger, Latrobe Fertiliser Holdings Limited was incorporated in June 2009.[2] The project is currently on hold;[citation needed]

Project details

On its website Latrobe Fertilisers states that the project would cost "$2 billion" and would use "proven technology to produce 1.2 million tonnes of urea fertiliser per annum." The company states that "reserves and supply arrangements for the brown coal have been secured in a cooperative arrangement with Great Energy Alliance Corp (GEAC)". The company claimed that "when fully operational the plant will produce 3200 tonnes of urea per day replacing approximately $300 million of current urea imports and generate approximately $150 million of exports per annum."[3]

Latrobe Fertilisers also claimed that "the plant is designed to capture and store carbon (and other by-products) resulting from the process."[3]

Registered lobbyist

The company has Staindl Strategic as its registered lobbying firm in Canberra. The two lobbyists who work for the firm are Philip Staindl and Jenny Beales.[4]

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