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The Lock coal project has been touted as one of the potential exporters using the proposed Sheep Hill Deep Water Port at Port Lincoln which has been proposed by Centrex Metals as a multi-cargo port.

Centrex outlined in a 2009 presentation that while primarily proposed to cater for possible iron ore exports from South Australia, a possible user for a new port as being the export of coal from Energy Exploration Ltd's Lock coal project. Centrex states, based on a "personal comment" from Energy Exploration, that the coal project had a notional start date of 2010 and a possible export range of 3-5 million tonnes per annum.[1]

However, in a late 2009 report to the Australian Stock Exchange Centrex Metals stated made clear that Centrex itself had explored the lease with the primary exploration target being iron ore with coal only being incidental. The company stated that "previous drilling on EL 3401 Lock has focused on groundwater, coal and sedimentary uranium. Aeromagnetic anomalies remain untested by drilling. A ground gravity survey was undertaken in August by Haines Survey over the most prospective areas of the Lock tenement. The targets include hematite BIF similar to Wilgerup, and magnetite BIF."[2]

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