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Loy Yang Power owns and operates the 2100 megawatt Loy Yang A power station and the adjacent Loy Yang coal mine in the Latrobe Valley in Victoria, Australia. The power station is the largest in Victoria and the mine, which supplies both the Loy Yang A power station and International Power's adjoining but smaller Loy Yang B power station, is currently the largest in Australia. The mine produces approximately 30 million tonnes of coal a year.[1]


The company is wholly owned subsidiary of AGL.[2][3]

Between April 2004 and June 29, 2012 the company was owned by the Great Energy Alliance Corporation, which comprised as its shareholders AGL (32.5%), Tokyo Electric Power Company (32.5%), MTAA Super (11.9%), Transfield Services Infrastructure Fund (14%), Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) Superannuation Fund (12.8%), Westscheme (5.7%) and Statewide Super (2.5%).[3]

Loy Yang Power was first created as a corporatised publicly owned generation company in February 1995 as the first step in the Jeff Kennett era privatisation of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria. Loy Yang Power was privatised in May 1997.[3]

2002 coal allocation

In July 2002 Loy Yang Power was provided with "additional brown coal reserves and an exploration license to fuel a proposed new 1000 MW power station using less greenhouse intensive technology and to re-power its existing plant to reduce greenhouse intensity."[4]

In late 2009, Loy Yang Power has revealed it is reviewing the status of its exploration license for this project.[5]

The above-mentioned Loy Yang project commitments have not materialized.

Carbon tax compensation

Under the federal carbon tax, generous compensation agreements were agreed to by the federal government and the lobbyists for the electricity generation industry. Under the scheme, Loy Yang Power received a cash payment of $240.1 million in June 2012.[2]

Lobby Group affiliations


  • Royce is listed on the Victorian government's lobbyists register as Loy Yang Power (LYP). The register does not identify which lobbyist specifically works on the LYP account but identifies the firms three registered lobbyists as Richard Amos, Peter Mahon and Matthew Mahon.[10]
  • LYP does not have a lobbyist from a third party lobbying firm who is registered on the Australian government lobbyists register. However, AGL, the parent company, uses Hawker Britton.[11]

Former lobbyists


Former personnel

Contact details

Postal Address:
PO Box 1799
Victoria 3844
Phone: +61 3 5173 2000
E-mail: Info AT loyyangpower.com.au
Website: http://www.loyyangpower.com.au/

Corporate Affairs
Barton's Lane
Victoria 3844
Telephone:+61 3 5173 2917
Facsimile:+61 3 5173 2038

Articles and resources


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