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Macun Port (马村港) is a seaport in Hainan province, China.


The port is located in Hǎikǒu, the capital and most populous city of Hainan province.

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The port contains a 35,000-tonnage coal wharf, with annual capacity of 900,000 tonnes.[1]

Nearby coal plants

Macun-3 power station is a 250-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant located near the port in Hainan Province, China.[2]


  • Operator: Hainan Harbor & Shipping Holding Co., Ltd. (state-owned stock holding enterprise)
  • Location: Hǎikǒu, Hainan province, China
  • Existing Capacity (Tonnes): 900,000
  • Type: Imports
  • Sources of coal:

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