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Martin C. Albrecht is Chairman of Exergen, a Melbourne-based company seeking an allocation of brown coal resource from the Victorian government to enable it to develop a brown coal based export project. Albrecht is also Emeritus Chairman for Geodynamics Limited since its sharemarket listing in 2002. Albrecht was Managing Director of Thiess, a major engineering and construction company, between 1985 and 2000 and subsequently as Chairman from 2001 to 2008.[1] Theiss was a founding shareholder in Exergen.[2]


Albrecht was the Chairman of International Riverfoundation, an Australian non-profit group, from 2003 when it was founded until December 2010. He is still a director of the foundation. [3] The International Riverfoundation is supported by the Albrecht Foundation, the Theiss Foundation and Kalbita Pty Limited. [4] He is a member of the Board of Governors for Committee for Economic Development of Australia and Chairman of Wesley Research Institute.[3]

An earlier CV from 2008 stated that Albrecht was "a non-executive Director of Leighton Holdings Ltd. He is a member of the Queensland Premier’s Business Round Table and Chairman of the Wesley Research Institute. Martin Albrecht has extensive experience in the engineering, construction and related services industries ... He was a foundation Board Member of the Australian Constructors Association and a Director of the German - Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. He is also the recipient of the Centenary Medal 2001 and many other awards." [5]


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