Mettiki Mine

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Mettiki Mine was a longwall mine owned by Alliance Resource Partners in Garrett County, Maryland


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Mine Details

  • MSHA ID: 1800621[1] and 1800671[2]
  • Start Year: 1983
  • Operator: Mettiki Coal LLC (MD)
  • Controller: Alliance Resource Partners
  • Location: Redhouse, Maryland, Unites States
  • GPS coordinates: 39.261115, -79.425843
  • Production (short tons): Processes coal from Mountain View Mine
  • Coal Type: Medium-sulfur
  • Mining Method: Underground
  • Equipment: Longwall
  • Average No. of Employees: 235
  • Union:
  • Mine Status: Closed in 2006 , Facility still operating.

Mine Closure

The origional Mettiki Mine closed in 2006 after extracting 2,739,024 short tons of coal in 2005, its final full year of production and 55,885,659 short tons in total between 1983 and 2006.[3] In the third quarter of 2006 Mettiki Coal LLC began to transition its people and equipment to the Mountain View Mine operation in Tucker County, West Virginia, longwall mining began there in November 2006.[4]

The coal processing facility of the complex is still in operation and is processing the coal from the Mountain View Mine from just accross the state line with West Virginia. The preparation plant has a throughput capacity of 1,350 tons of raw coal an hour. [5]

Steyer II Mine

The coal processing facility used to also process the coal from the nearby Steyer II Mine, then owned by Tom Steyer, After the mine closed in 2014 it was sold to Backbone Mountain LLC, a subsidiary of Alliance Resource Partners.

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