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Operation Jarilo is the codename for an investigation by the Independent Commission Against Corruption in New South Wales into "allegations involving Lucky Gattellari and Ronald Medich offering rewards or inducements to former NSW Minister for Energy, Ian Macdonald, to arrange meetings with state energy executives."[1]

In late May 2012 ICAC announced that it would delay the completion of its report on Operation Jarilo "pending investigation into further allegations against Mr Macdonald." ICAC stated that it had also been "investigating allegations that corrupt conduct has occurred in connection with the granting of certain coalmining tenements in NSW. These investigations include, among others, allegations relating to the Doyle's Creek exploration licence, the issues in respect of which were referred to the Commission for investigation by resolution of each House of Parliament in November 2011."[2]

ICAC stated that:

"Certain of these ongoing investigations also involve allegations that Mr Macdonald corruptly used his position as a NSW Minister of the Crown to advantage the private interests of others. At this stage, the Commission has not come to a view as to the merits of these allegations. The nature of the allegations, however, is such that the Commission has decided it is in the public interest to hold a public inquiry. The date of such a public inquiry has not yet been determined.
There is a similarity between certain of the issues raised in Operation Jarilo and those in the coalmining tenement allegations that the Commission is currently investigating. This has led the Commission to decide that it is in the public interest to delay determining the issues raised in Operation Jarilo and therefore to delay issuing its report until after the evidence in the public inquiry into the coalmining tenement allegations has been led."[2]

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