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PT Alstom Indonesia is a subsidiary of of the global energy services company Alstom.[1]

Coal projects

In July 2012 the President of Alstom Indonesia, Edward Thiessen, was asked by the Jakarta Post what could hinder the power generation sector. Thiessen stated that "some of the coal projects that PLN tendered are not provided with sovereign guarantee. Multinational banks involving in the projects want to see the government support. PLN is already subsidized so I don’t think it has a high risk. However, the banks might look at it in a different way. So, I think the projects might go more smoothly with government support. Government has provided sovereign guarantees for some projects, but not for all. I am not sure why some receive it and others do not."[2]

Tarahan power station controversy

In late July 2012 the Jakarta Post reported that the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) had named Emir as a suspect in a bribery case relating to the 2004 construction of the 200 megawatt (MW) coal-fired Tarahan power station in Southern Sumatra, Indonesia. The power station is owned and operated by PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara, the national electricity utility owned by the Indonesian government. Emir's status a s a suspect became public after the KPK requested a travel ban be imposed on Emir and had raided his house. The KPK also searched the house of PT Artha Nusantara Utama director Zuliansyah Putra, and the office of tender winner PT Alstom Indonesia. The Jakarta Post reported that the raids centred on allegations that Emir "had allegedly received US$300,000 in bribes during the construction project and would be charged under Article 5 and Article 12 of the corruption law on bribery." However, at the time of raids Emir had not been questioned about the allegations.[3]

The Jakarta Post subsequently reported that "in addition to cash bribes, the firm was also rumored to have entertained Emir in Paris, providing him with free accommodation and other facilities, including visits to adult entertainment venues. Emir also allegedly spent the money he received from Alstom to shop in the European city. The facilities were allegedly part of Alstom’s kickbacks after it eventually won the bidding for the project." In a brief statement, Alstom Indonesia stated that "at this stage, Alstom is not in a position to comment further."[4]

It was reported that Emir had confirmed that he had been invited by Alstom officials to Paris for a dinner reception. “I paid for the flight and hotel myself. I even paid for my own taxi from the airport to the hotel,” he told reporters. The Jakarta Post reported that Emir stated that he had made contact with Alstom staff "but denied that he had helped the firm win the project tender." “I drank wine and smoked a cigar with them, that’s all. I cannot even recall their identities now,” Emir said. He also stated that "I was also no longer in the House of Representatives’ energy Commission at the time of the project, so I have nothing to do with it." Emir has been embroiled in other scandals but has not been prosecuted or convicted.[4]


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