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The Port of Brunsbüttel is in Brunsbüttel, Germany. It consists of several ports owned by the Schramm Group.


The undated satellite photo below shows the port in the north German town of Brunsbüttel, along the Elbe River toward the North Sea.

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The port is owned by the Schramm Group. The company has five ports that it is responsible for, three of which are entirely under the ownership of the company and the other two under its management. The three ports under its ownership are located in Brunsbüttel, each focused on a different operation; a port handling oil refinery products, a chemical cargo port, and a port for multipurpose goods including dry cargo and hazardous materials. Combined, these ports have an annual turnover of 13.7 million tonnes of goods, making Brunsbüttel the sixth largest port in Germany.[1][2]


Brunsbüttel Ports unload imported coal from colliers at Moorburg to fuel the 830 megawatt Moorburg Power Station in Hamburg.[3]

Two proposed coal-fired power stations for Brunsbüttel were cancelled in 2010-2012: the 800 MW Brunsbüttel Power Station (GDF Suez) (2010) and the 1800 MW Brunsbüttel Power Station (2012).

Project Details

  • Operator: Schramm Group
  • Location: Brunsbüttel, Germany
  • Annual Capacity: 13.7 million tons of all cargo
  • Status: Operating
  • Type: Imports
  • Sources of coal:

Articles and Resources


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