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Port of Kerch is in Kerch, in the disputed territory of Crimea. It once handled coal, but the Russian occupation of Crimea since 2014 has significantly reduced cargo volumes.


The port is located in the city of Kerch on the eastern shores of Kerch peninsula at Kerch Bay.

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Coal terminal

Kerch Sea Port can handle up to 2.5 million tonnes of cargo per year. The port has reloading devices and machinery to handle general cargo such as steel products, and bulk cargo including coke and coal.[1]

When Russia began its offensive in Crimea, it quickly seized the Port of Kerch, which lies at the eastern tip of Crimea, across the Kerch strait from Russia. International sanctions imposed against Russia after its occupation included restrictions on commercial vessels at Crimean ports. This has resulted in a near total stoppage of commercial cargo being handled at the Port of Kerch: Prior to Russian occupation, the port handled over 2 million tonnes of cargo per year; in 2018, that number fell to 384,000 tonnes, and by 2020, the port handled just 238 tonnes of cargo.[2]

Project Details

  • Operator: Sea/River Fleet Administration (government)
  • Location: Crimea, Ukraine
  • Annual Capacity (Tonnes): 2.5 million
  • Status: Mothballed (due to Russian occupation of Crimea)
  • Sources of coal:



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