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Port of Liepaja is in Liepāja, Latvia. It is a multifunctional and non-freezing port on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It handles various goods, including coal.[1]


The port is in the Liepaja Special Economic Zone along the Baltic Sea.

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The Liepaja Special Economic Zone (LSEZ) was formed in 1997 with the goal of developing and promoting trade, industry, shipping, and air traffic, as well as international exchange of goods, through Latvia.[2]

A general cargo handling terminal is the first terminal developed by "Liepājas ostas LM," and was originally established for metal cargo handling. A bulk cargo terminal was also implemented in cooperation with the Swiss company "Bunge," the Danish company "Dan Store," and "Liepājas osta LM" in 2005. A second phase at the terminal was completed by 2011.[3]

Coal handling in Liepaja port was the highest in 2018 reaching 1.47 million tonnes. From January to September 2019, it appears Russia (and potentially Kazakhstan) exported approximately 1 million tonnes of coal via Liepaja.[4][5] Since then, coal handling volumes decreased dramatically to practically zero in 2021 and 2022.[5] Total cargo of Liepaja port in 2022 was 7.6 million tonnes.[5]

As of 2023, there are 15 stevedore companies operating in Liepaja port. It appears that LSEZ "Ekers Stividors LP" is the only terminal that provides transshipment of coal, among other products.[6][7][8]

Abandoned Expansion Plans

In 2010, a new coal terminal was proposed at the Port of Liepaja by Russia's Baxet Coal Terminal (BCT) company. The BCT Company and the Latvian government were to invest an estimated 50-100 million Euros. Funding would also possibly come from the EU. The coal would be transported from Russia to Liepaja via rail and shipped to US, Western European, and African markets.[9][10][11] These plans were later abandoned.[12]

LSEZ SIA "Ekers Stividors LP" also planned to build another terminal Karosta which would handle coal with 0.8 million tonne per annum capacity. However as of 2021, these plans were changed and the terminal will handle other goods.[13]

Project Details

  • Owner: LSEZ Ekers Stividors LLC
  • Parent: Private individuals
  • Location: Liepāja, Latvia
  • Annual Coal Capacity (tonnes): 1.5
  • Status: Operating
  • Type: Exports
  • Source of Coal: Russia


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