Prokopyevsky-Toutunhe Pipeline

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Prokopyevsky-Toutunhe Pipeline is a proposed natural gas pipeline from Russia to China.[1] It is also known as "Russia-China West Pipeline Domestic Extension", to be distinguished from Russia-China East Line Domestic Extension.[2]


The pipeline plans to run from Prokopyevsky District, Russia to Toutunhe, Ürümqi, Xinjiang, China.

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Pipeline Details

  • Owner:Gazprom
  • Capacity:
  • Length:
  • Diameter:
  • Status: Proposed
  • Start Year:

Pipeline Background

The proposal of a Russia-China West Pipeline was negotiated in early 2000s.But the negotiation was halted for a decade.[2] In 2014, the two countries were close to reaching an agreement on this project.[3] In 2020, The sponsor company on Russia side, Gazprom, reportedly shifted the route entering China, from mountainous Altai Region to through Mongolia. The plan was approved to enter "Pre-investment phase".[4]

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