Remainder Block IV coal project

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The Remainder Block IV coal project is a possible South African coal project.


The map below shows the location of the project.

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In BHP Billiton's 2009 Annual Report, the company listed it as a possible underground mine producing thermal coal. It listed it as having a total resource of 158 million tonnes.[1] BHP Billiton Energy Coal South Africa is BHP Billiton's wholly owned subsidiary which develops coal projects in South Africa.

In its 2014 annual report, BHP Billiton reported this project's "total resources" as 180 million tonnes[2] and that they had divested of Remainder Block IV in May 2014.[2]

Project Details

  • Owner: South Africa Energy Coal
  • Parent company: South32
  • Location:
  • GPS coordinates:
  • Mine status: Proposed
  • Start year:
  • Mineable reserves:
  • Coal type: Thermal
  • Mine size:
  • Mine type: Underground
  • Production:
  • Additional proposed production:
  • Equipment:
  • Number of employees:

Articles and resources


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