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Rizhao Port is a natural deep-water seaport on the coast of the city of Rizhao, Shandong Province, People's Republic of China. It is a large coal port in northern China, handling both imports and exports.[1]


The port is located on the southern shore of Shandong Peninsula, opening to the Yellow Sea.

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The port was constructed in 1982 and put into operation in 1986 and is one of the major hub ports of coastal areas in China and the oriental bridgehead of New Euro-Asia Continent Bridge. At present, Rizhao port owns two major harbor areas, namely Shijiu and Lanshan port, and 32 productive berths with annual authorized throughput capacity of 75.08 million tonnes and total assets of 13 billion RMB.[2]

Coal terminal

The coal terminal is the first open-sea coal terminal in China. It has one specialized coal berth for 50,000 tonnes and two for 150,000 tonnes, with the deepest draft and largest berth capacity in China. The berth set the national record of 9,486 tons per hour for coal loading.[1]

CCCC First Harbor Consultants places the port's capacity for exporting coal at 15 million tonnes per annum.[3] According to an article in Coal Age, the port's coal throughput capacity is 45 million tons, or 40.8 million tonnes. Coal Age reported that Rizhao imports steam coal for Rizhao Electric Power, coking coal for coking plants, and iron ore for Rizhao Steel.[4] The port was expanded to 45 mtpa in 2015.[5]

Coal Terminal Details

  • Operator: Rizhao Port Group
  • Location: Rizhao, Shandong province, China
  • Coal Capacity (Tonnes per year): 45 million
  • Status: Operating
  • Type: Imports and Exports
  • Coal source:

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