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Rostov Port is several terminals that handle coal in Rostov-on-don, Russia.

The largest terminal is the Rostov Universal Port LLC (RUE) coal terminal with an annual capacity of 1.5 million tonnes.


The map below shows the location of the Rostov Universal Port LLC coal terminal at Rostov Port. The port is located to the south-east of the East European Plain, within the city of Rostov-on-Don, along both banks of the Don River.

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There are 23 total stevedore companies operating in the Rostov Port, some of which also handle smaller volumes of coal.

According to a media interview from February 2023, there are 14 major stevedore companies in the port transhipping of various types of cargo, dominated by grain (47%), petroleum products – about 25% and coal – about 14%.[1] According to the results of 10 months of 2022, the port’s cargo turnover exceeded 15.5 million tonnes and is almost at the same level as in 2019 and 2021.[1][2] This suggests that coal handling was about 2.6 million tonnes in 2020-2022. In 2019, the port also handled a total of 2.6 million tonnes of coal.[3]

According to another report dated December 2022, there were 3 main companies involved in coal handling in Rostov port - Russian Multimodal Sea Port (RMPP), Rostov Port JSC and VneshTorgPort LLC.[4] Coal handling done via an open method, often resulting in environmental violations.[4]


Prior to 2020s, another company operated in the coal handling segment - Rostov Universal Port LLC (RUE), with multi-purpose port containing a coal terminal of 1.5 million tonnes capacity. The first stage was put into operation in 2010. As of 2015, RUE had plans to expand the coal terminal's capacity to 15 million tonnes per year.[5]

RUE signed a contract to handle 1 million tonnes of coal and 500,000 tonnes of petroleum coke for 2017. At that time, the terminal was still listed with a capacity of 1.5 million tonnes per year.[6] There have been no updates on an expansion of the RUE coal terminal, and the expansion appears to be cancelled. It is also not clear what happened with RUE as it was not mentioned in the recent reports as one of the operators in the Rostov port. The company's website is no-longer functional.

Project Details

  • Owner: Several
  • Parent company:
  • Location: Rostov-on-don, Russia
  • Annual Coal Capacity: 3 Mtpa (full port)
  • Planned Additional Coal Capacity (Tonnes): 13.5 million (cancelled)
  • Status: Operating
  • Type:
  • Source of Coal:

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