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The Sásabe-Guaymas Gas Pipeline is an operating natural gas pipeline in Mexico.[1] Together with the adjoining Guaymas-El Oro Pipeline, it is also known as the Sonora pipeline or Gasoducto Sonora.[2][3]


The pipeline runs north-south through Mexico's Sonora state. Starting at a connection with the Samalayuca-Sásabe Gas Pipeline near Sásabe on the Arizona-Sonora border[4], it reaches Mexico's Pacific coast at Puerto Libertad, then continues south to the coastal city of Guaymas, where it links up with the Guaymas-El Oro pipeline.[5]

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The pipeline is operated by IEnova and owned by Sempra Energy. Commercial operations began in December 2014[6], upon completion of the construction of the pipeline's first section between Sásabe and Puerto Libertad; the second section from Puerto Libertad to Guaymas was finished in December 2015.[7] The pipeline currently supplies gas to the 770 MW Empalme I power station and may eventually also feed the proposed AMIGO LNG Terminal in Puerto Libertad.[8]


The Sásabe-Guaymas Gas Pipeline and the connecting Guaymas-El Oro pipeline have generated opposition from an indigenous Yaqui group in Loma de Bácum, Sonora state, whose members say they never agreed to construction of a nine-mile section of pipeline that crosses their land. In an August 2017 protest, members of the community used a backhoe to remove a 25-foot section of the Guaymas-El Oro pipeline, disrupting operations and perpetuating an ongoing legal battle with IEnova.[9][10]

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