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Slade Wormington is Principal Process Engineer of Exergen, a Melbourne-based company seeking an allocation of brown coal resource from the Victorian government to enable it to develop a brown coal based export project.[1]


A biographical note states that Smith:[1]

"Slade is a chemical engineer who has been employed by Exergen since graduating from the University of Queensland in 2004. He is a technical specialist who has been deeply involved in the commercial and technological development of Exergen's Continuous Hydro-Thermal De-watering (CHTD) process for lignite. During his time at Exergen, Slade has played a key role in a wide variety of engineering and business-related activities. These include communications with investors, conference presentations, grant applications, feasibility studies, financial modelling, the establishment of commercialisation pathways, designs of commercial scale facilities, and the design, upgrading and operation of the company's pilot CHTD research facility at Beaconsfield, Tasmania."

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