Solid Energy Eastern Southland coal-to-urea project

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The Solid Energy Eastern Southland coal-to-urea project is a notional coal to fertiliser plant which is under consideration by Solid Energy in conjunction with the agricultural fertiliser supplier Ravensdown Fertiliser Cooperative. In September 2009 Solid Energy and Ravensdown agreed to investigate the construction of a coal-to-fertiliser plant in Southland.

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In a 2010 brochure on its lignite development plans Solid Energy stated that "initial investigations focussed on a plant producing 1.2 million tonnes of urea – 500,000 tonnes for New Zealand markets and the remainder for export – but other plant size options are now being considered. Decisions about the location of the plant and the mine will not be made until the end of 2011 at the earliest." The company stated that it hoped the plant would be in operation "from 2016/7, if business case stacks up."[1]

In its 2011 annual report the company stated that "we completed a concept study working with agricultural supplier Ravensdown in October 2010, and since then have advanced most aspects to pre-feasibility level. Results confirm the viability of this plant. We are currently scoping the next phase of work, a full feasibility study. To support this project, we continued our long-term exploration drilling programme to characterise the quality and quantity of lignite deposits in the Mataura and Croydon areas of Southland."[2]

In its report for the quarter to March 31 2012 Solid Energy stated that it had "started the feasibility study to refine and confirm the economic and environmental viability and social acceptability" of the project.[3]

Project Details

Owner: Solid Energy
Location: Eastern Southland, New Zealand; no specific location has been mentioned yet
Status: Preliminary studies
Production capacity:
Type of coal: Lignite
Main markets:

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