Songwe-Kiwira Coalfield

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Songwe-Kiwira Coalfield is coalfield located in Tanzania in East Africa. The area is located near the Tanzania/Malawi border at the Northwest end of Lake Nyasa. This is the only coalfield producing coal using mechanised underground coal mining, which occurs at the Kiwira Coal Mine (KCM).

The Tanzania National Website notes that the Ruhuhu Coalfield and Songwe-Kiwira basins have a total of about 1 .5 billion tonnes in reserves that have been identified.[1]

The Kiwira Coal Mine was developed in 1988 by STAMICO with Chinese assistance; to replace a former small privately owned Ilima Colliery coal mine. As of 2011, the mine produces 96,000 tonnes annually and an additional 103,000 tonnes a year from the nearly Ilima Colliery.

All the coal production is consumed locally at a coal-fired power generating plant.[2]

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