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The Sonoma Coal Mine is located approximately 6 kilometres south of Collinsville at the northern end of the Bowen Basin in Queensland, Australia.


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According to Sonoma Mine Management, the joint venture which manages the mine, the mine "produces 4.0 million product tonne per annum of coking and thermal coal products for export to countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. It represents a 170 million tonne resource with mining reserves currently estimated at 46 million tonnes."[1]

The mine was commissioned in September 2007.


The mine is owned by Sonoma Mine Management, a joint venture comprising:

  • "QCoal Sonoma Pty Ltd, a privately owned Queensland resource company. QCoal initiated development of the Sonoma deposit;
  • Cliffs Australia Coal Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cliffs Natural Resources Inc, a major US producer of direct-shipping fines and lump ore, coking and thermal coal;
  • JFE Shoji Trade Corporation, part of the JFE Steel Group, one of the largest steel producers in Japan;
  • China Steel, the largest steel producer in Taiwan; and
  • Watami Trading, a Hong Kong based trading company."[1]

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