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Sunchon Port is a coal small port located northeast of Pyongyang on the Taedong River in North Korea.[1]


The map below shows Sunchŏn, a city along the Taedong River in South Pyongan province, North Korea, the region where the Sunchon Port is located.

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In August 2017, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 2371 prohibiting North Korean exports of coal.

Research conducted in 2019 by the Stimson Center and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency stated the following about the Sunchon Port:

“Located on the Taedong River, the coal port is relatively new. Imagery taken in March 2015 revealed empty land along the river. By July 6, 2017, however, construction activity had started on a large quay. By October 23, 2017, the quay had been completed, traveling gantry cranes had been installed, and stores of coal were piled onto it. The port’s location suggests that it may have been planned for the movement of coal for internal consumption, albeit, its position on the Taedong River also makes it ideal for moving coal in greater volumes down to Nampo.”[1]

Project Details

  • Owner: Unknown
  • Location: South Pyongan, North Korea
  • Coordinates: 39.42, 125.93 (approximate)
  • Coal Capacity (Million tonnes per annum): Unknown
  • Status: Operating
  • In Service: 2017
  • Type:
  • Source of Coal:

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