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Wesfarmers Resources is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wesfarmers which owns and operates one mine in Queensland and has a major stake in another in New South Wales.[1]

Existing coal mines

Wesfarmers Resources:

  • owns and operates the Curragh mine in Queensland’s Bowen Basin; and
  • has a 40 per cent interest in the Bengalla mine in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales.

Potential expansion

In January 2014 Wesfarmers Resources announced that it had bought a mineral development licence located between and adjacent to the Wesfarmers Resources’ Curragh and Curragh North mining leases from a subsidiary of Peabody Energy for $A70 million. Wesfarmers Resources stated that Mineral Development Licence 162 -- MDL 162 as it refers to it -- as containing 67 million tonnes of coal reserves and with a a total coal resource of 255 million tonnes.[2]


In late September 2011 Wesfarmers Resources announced that it had agreed to sell its Premier mine and char businesses in Western Australia to a wholly owned subsidiary of Yancoal Australia Limited (Yancoal) for $296.8 million.[3] Yancoal Australia is a subsidiary of China-based Yanzhou Coal. [4]

Contact details

Wesfarmers Resources Limited
Level 31, Central Plaza One
345 Queen Street
Brisbane 4000
Telephone: (61 7) 3031 7777
Facsimile: (61 7) 3229 7402
Website: http://www.wesresources.com.au
Contact us: reception AT wesresources.com.au

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